In light of the Infinite Steps to Health Project's "Take a Deep Breath" Campaign, the up and coming non-profit organization aims to educate the community around the topic of mental health and sexual health with its 2-part documentary titled "Black Health IS", while also sparking ideas and conversation for the purpose of progression of health in the African American community. Explore this site to learn more about the film.



During a world health pandemic and an unfortunate prevalence of racial & social injustice, it is imperative that we come together as a community in creativity, collaboration, and love. Change is on its way and we must make sure that the change that is coming is conducive to the peace and happiness of all human beings. Giving attention in areas where it is most needed, The ISH Project is currently focused on health within the African American community. Black Health IS will contribute towards a prosperous life for African-American people by igniting thoughts and ideas on how we can reconstruct the social infrastructure that was established in hatred and injustice from slavery to present day America. As a community, it is essential that we join hands in order to assure this change. Contribute by donating today! 10% of what is donated will go towards buying fresh produce for families in Detroit. See our "Donate Today!" page for more details.

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