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Contribute to change today! Explore this site to learn more about the Black Health IS documentary.

Brought to you by The ISH Project. Visit the link below for more information on The Infinite Steps to Health Project.



In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, The ISH Project is creating a rich piece of art that will not only elevate the spirits of our community but also educate on the topic of health. Support our efforts by donating today!



The Take a Deep Breath Campaign is our project's way of using media to cultivate change toward building a healthier society. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic people have grown in immense stress, which has led to anxiety, depression, and an overall lack in wellness. This film will not only tell genuine stories around black health but it will also offer clear solutions and steps offered by professionals around the topic, along with intense imagery that depicts the true essence of black health and wellness.




During a world health pandemic and high awareness around social injustice, it is imperative that we come together as a community in creativity, collaboration, and love. Change is on its way and we must make sure that the change that is coming is conducive to the peace and happiness of all human beings. Giving attention to where it is most needed, The ISH Project is focused towards health within the black community. Black Health IS will contribute to the long-term change towards a prosperous life for African-American people, but check out our donate page to see how you can start contributing to change TODAY. As a community, it is essential that we join hands. 10% of what is donated will go towards buying fresh produce for families in Detroit. See our "Donate Today!" page for more details.

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